Documentary Short

"Jack" is a portrait of a man struggling to become a comedian in Hollywood. Taking a surprising career path, he comes to understand unconditional love. We follow his unusual journey to discover why he can't give up on his dream.



One Film Fan Visually the film embraces its subject with intent and purpose, capturing every little nuance

UK Film Review “Thoughtful, introspective and heartily funny...glorious exploration of the funny person”

ScreencritixJack is an original, inventive, heart-filled documentary”

Reelromp “A quick bite into the apple of someone else's life. But someone not so far removed as to be irrelevant”

The Independent Critic “Entertaining and incredibly insightful about the human experience”

22 Indie Street “Wrapping this title up as a documentary about a struggling comedian is just the wrapper. Once you unwrap this film there is a lot more”