Documentary Short 37 min.

An in-depth look at the effects of war. In this investigation into the lives of former and current U.S. soldiers, an array of candid interviews deliver moving narratives about the casualties of mental health. Filmmakers, Stacey Stone and Diane Mellen weave the Veterans’ stories through a cinematic journey that powerfully fosters contemplation about the fierce determination of the human spirit, patriotism and why we go to war.


Each scene is like a dropkick to the chest…stomach-churning emotional impact…honesty, pathos, and relentless spirit of the interviewees.
Forever Under Siege is an excellent piece of film...The people are real, not actors. The stories are real, and they will remain with you.
Some of the things you’ll find you’ve learned are disturbing… realism and grit.
The structure of Forever Under Siege feels like a heartbeat…Stone and Mellen take deep, complicated subject matter and breathe life into it.
Harrowing wake-up call...Forever Under Siege is a necessary punch-in-the-gut film.
Forever Under Siege tells the story of combat survivors with great effectiveness and honesty...the film is raw, emotional, and powerful.